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I wear many hats. I'm a wife, mom, and friend.


I specifically am passionate about equipping moms and mentors of young teen girls to be confident in their identity.


The identity that is uniquely created for each individual girl given by a loving Creator.


I am here to help girls lessen the voices of the lies they hear and amplify the truth about them.

I help moms of teen girls 

create open communication 

and deepen relationships.

Free Resources

Gain access to my free resource library. You'll get my popular Clarifying Core Values guide, among other things. All geared towards helping you as a mom.

Meet Jeannie

I grew up a Catholic school girl who’s first boyfriend was a gang member and now lives in the suburbs of San Diego with my handsome husband (who is not the said gang member) and 3 amazing teenagers.

Mom Mentoring

1 hour private mentoring session with Jeannie.

"Jeannie is an amazing human inside and out. She spoke so much life into our community and guided many parents on healing their relationships with their children. She helped parents step into the leadership role of their teen's lives."

The Blog

I have many passions; coffee being a high priority. I love unleashing my inner creativity through various creative outlets.  Blogging is one of those outlets, where I feel like I can truly empower and educate. 

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