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  • Need some help with a particular issue with your teen girl?

  • Are you wanting to share your challenge and need a customized plan for you, mom of teen, to implement in order to make real changes?

  • Do you need guidance and tools to help improve your relationship with your teenage daughter?


Schedule a Mom Mentoring call with me! 

A private  60 minute 1on1 call.

Customized plan & tools to implement right away. 


Jennifer L.

"Learning how to listen to understand our children's wants and needs is the foundation on which our relationships have grown with our children. It's been wonderful to hear insight from Jeannie on how to create open communication with my girls."

Sarah L. 

"Wisdom towards mothering our girls for whom God designed them to be, Jeannie guided us in peeling back the layers, finding our own freedom & connecting in community! It was a safe place to share."

April T.

"I’ve set a solid foundation for my relationship with my daughter that will only strengthen with time. Thank you so much for this  and the opportunity to grow and learn along other moms in this process.

Hi, I'm Jeannie

Avid reader, mom of 3 teenagers, health fanatic, seeking to live a wholehearted life by giving up perfectionism and embracing vulnerability, oh and I value relationships over rules (that’s saying a lot coming from an enneagram 3!)

I grew up a Catholic school girl who’s first boyfriend was a gang member and now lives in the suburbs of San Diego with my handsome husband (who is not the said gang member) and 3 amazing teenagers.  I also mentored youth girls with student ministries at my local church.  


I must say parenting has been a roller coaster ride of twists and turns and unpredictable dips that can throw us off our feet.


I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have many passions; coffee being a high priority. I love unleashing my inner creativity through various creative outlets.  My passion for healthy families as a former educator and as a homeschooling family for several years, and my zeal to impact young teen girls has led me to partner with moms and guide them to create healthy relationships with their teens.  


I help moms create open communication with their teen girl through relationship building, boundaries and community.

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