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15 Gift Ideas for your Teens Will Love

I have 3 teenagers and as the years have gone by, I have found it more and more difficult to shop for them. I can’t even keep up with their clothing tastes.

I’ve heard from many of the moms from our ROOTED program who are in the same predicament and are stumped with ideas. Cash or gift cards just aren’t as appealing to give. If you’re like me, and want something a little more thoughtful and possibly have something to wrap, here are some ideas I have found that I’d love to share with you!

This list is put together for every pocketbook whether you are looking for stocking stuffers all the way to major gifts.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Teens

1. Elago 3 in 1 Apple Charging Station

What a great way to have all those charging chords stored and organized in one charging station by elago? My teens are frequently complaining about losing their chords. They’ll definitely stay put in this station. I may have to steal this one from my kids.

2. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

My daughter absolutely loves her ukulele! What’s great about the ukulele is that it’s an easy instrument to learn. We have had plenty of jam sessions together as a family. It’s also a great break away from electronics! WIN!

3. PC Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a major gift to give your teen, this may be it. My son requested this gift for his birthday. Although it’s very popular with gamers and those who live stream, with distance learning and hours at their desks, this may be a win overall. I honestly thought this looked more like a race car seat than one for a desk. Office chairs are getting fancier and fancier! This particular one by BestOffice has a lumbar support, massage feature and foot rest. What?!!

4. Novelty Cotton Socks Do Not Disturb Socks for Gamers

Show your teen you can give a good laugh too. I thought these were funny!! But isn’t it the truth? These will make great stocking stuffers for that gamer of yours.

5. Ivy Vine String Lights

Vines are all the rage!! My daughter recently redecorated her room (it seems like teens are constantly redecorating, right?) and added a hanging vine which gives it an organic touch to the room. This one from Urban Outfitters comes with a string of lights adding that special effect to your teens room.

6. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Okay, if you’ve been around teen girls enough, you know they love a good mic, but even more so a good karaoke to sing their favorite hits. My daughter bought herself a karaoke machine but had I seen this, I would’ve recommended it. It’s small, and hooks into her smartphone so she can take it anywhere. You may have to set some decibel rules on this one though.

7. Swannies Blue Light Protection Glasses

For your more practical teen, these blue light protection glasses by Swanick can aid their eyes with hours on the computer and phone from distance learning, homework, and gaming.

8. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

There’s nothing more that warms a mama’s heart when you see your daughter being given skateboarding pointers by her older brothers. Our summer was filled with skateboarding. It brought them outdoors, and encouraged healthy movement and activity. This one is a winner in my books!

9. Bubble Tea Kit

My teens and their friends are all about boba drinks. There are quite a few boba stores in our area where you’ll find teens lined up to order their favorite drinks. I thought this was such a great gift idea sold by Uncommon Goods. Why not have your teen make their own without having to leave the house in those long lines?

10. Minger LED Lights

This was on my daughter’s Christmas list last year, and I see this trend still strong today. Going back to decorating their room, teens love to make it their own. These LED lights are a simple add for them to feel like it’s their space.

11. Leather Minimalist Wallet by Clifton Heritage

My son didn’t realize he needed a wallet until he got his driver’s license. He does not like bulky things in his pocket. I thought this wallet would be a great solution. It’s slim, keeps things to a minimum and its RFID blocking which protects his information from being stolen. Bonus!!

12. Tile Inc. Bluetooth Tracker

We have two teen drivers in our family. And yes, keys get misplaced everywhere! I wish they had this technology back when I was a teen. It would’ve saved me lots of time in searching! These will be a definite stocking stuffer for my house!!

13. Layla Weighted Blanket

As I am working with moms of teens, and also being an advocate for youth, I have seen an increase in anxiety and feelings of depression in recent times. Teens need community and they need people, and because of our present circumstances, that is not happening. I’ve also found that weighted blankets have helped with symptoms of anxiety and depression. So this recommendation is a very special one to me. I’m guessing your teen will love it too.

14. Coloring Book for Teens

If a weighted blanket is not in the budget, another great activity to help with anxiety and stress reduction is getting creative. Coloring can be very therapeutic for most teens. It’s fairly easy to take on. It can give a feeling of accomplishment and can be fun for most.

15. Korean Face Masks

My daughter and I have been on a Korean skincare regimen since the beginning of this year. We both have a common love for face masks. Not only will your daughter love these for her own skincare regimen, don’t be surprised when you have those random mask nights together. These have been the catalyst to some great bonding time together! I mean, who doesn’t love a great mask?

So there it is! 15 gift ideas for your teens. I hope you have found some of these suggestions useful. I’d love to know what you ended up giving. Share your ideas with us!

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