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Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

When it comes to shopping for our teens, we can all use some helpful tips and recommendations. I know I have been stumped in some years. After doing some research and adding some items which I know were a hit with my own teens, I hope you find this guide helpful.

Here are my 15 gift ideas for teens:

1) Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Asian food and snacks are a huge hit with teens these days. Making their mochi ice cream will not only be a nice treat, but give them some insight on how they are made.

2) Make Your Own Guitar Pick Punch

Do you have a guitar player? It’s a gift that keeps on giving! You can recycle those old gift cards or expire credit cards and make music out of them.

3) Glossier Dewy Look Kit

Gen Zers love the dewy look! Just ask my daughter. We do our makeup side by side and I am amazed about how natural it is with just the right shine.

4) Nintendo Switch Lite

We bought my middle son a Nintendo Switch a couple years ago for his birthday. My daughter soon wanted her own and got hers this past year. It’s great for travelling and a great alternative to the phone.

5) 18k Tiny Gold Hoops

My daughter got her second hole piercing recently and adding these tiny hoops would be dainty enough to pair with other earrings.

6) Classic Crocs

Personally, I am not a Croc fan. However, the rest of my family are. They are comfortable and water resistant. You can even personalize them with charms that are sold separately. They’ve made a comeback and are super popular. Don’t ask me why!

7) Doc Martens Boots

Oh, I remember these back in the 90’s! What a flashback. These unisex boots can be worn with just about anything including Homecoming dresses!! Go grab yours! They are going fast!

8) Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge

Yes, a refrigerator for her skincare. It’s meant to keep the integrity of her products especially if you carry organic ones. In a different color, this can also be a mini fridge for any room storing small amounts of food. I know my boys would like that!

9) iWALK Small Portable Charger

“My phone died.” Well there’s no excuse to miss a call with this charger. We all need a portable charger in our life!

10) BTS Biography Book

Okay. I don’t know one single teen-aged girl who does not know who BTS is. My daughter is crazy over this group. Mom, you cannot go wrong with this gift.

11) Apple AirTag

This gift is more for parents. Two of my teens drive. It puts me at ease just to know where they are at. These AirTags can be put in wallets, purses, phones and keychains.

12) 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

With movie theaters open and streaming tv making it easier to watch movies, this clever gift will give your teens a bucket list of movies to watch. Would they be up for the challenge?

13) iOttie Easy One Touch CD Slot Phone Mount

My son and nephew have this in their cars. It makes hands free access to the phone for navigation so much easier. No more falling phones that distract your teen driver!

14) Fujifilm Mini 11 Holiday Bundle

What a nostalgic way to caption fun moments. This bundle comes with extras that make it super special to open.

15) Disneyland or Disney World Tickets

How about a gift of entertainment? My teens have been dying to go to Disneyland ever since they have reopened. Go create memories at the Happiest Place on Earth!!

There you have it! 15 holiday gift ideas for your teen. Happy shopping! I hope your teen enjoys any of these. Merry Christmas!!

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