You may be thinking about what happened to the sweet, abiding girl of mine?


One morning you asked your daughter a simple question and something about her tone made you pause and think, “where did that come from’?  Or maybe it’s the sudden streams of tears from the uncontrollable crying and she doesn’t even know why she’s sad? Or maybe the unbelievable attitude that is coming out of her? 


It was the year my mom said, “I don’t even know who you are anymore!”.   

Yes it’s the beginning of teenhood for your girl.  You are likely wondering how can I support her? What can I expect from her in this phase?  How can I guide her through this awkward stage of life? 

Mom, you are not alone!!


We all have wondered the same thing!  How can we navigate our daughters through the change? 


How can I cultivate a relationship centered on trust?


I am here to help! We need community mamas!! This self-paced, online 6-week course will offer some in-depth research-based lessons as well as provide resources and practical tools to use and help navigate your girl through this turbulent season.

Below is an outline of what we will be covering:

Rooted Program


Communication is vital at this stage, yet pretty confusing as to when, how, what.  You will dive deep into providing a space where your teen girl feels love and belonging.   You will learn effective communication skills that provide a place of refuge and acceptance as well as equip you with tools to coach your girl through the hard and good thingsl You will learn just the right dialogue to encourage communication between the two of you as you grow in your relationship together, 


You will establish a solid foundation of truth and common ground in this module.  Values are an unwavering guide to navigating life’s journey.  Here you will go through an exercise to establish what is important to you as a family and discover what is important to your teen in her growing independence. Core values are the lifeline to life decisions and choices.


There is freedom in establishing boundaries.  As ironic as it sounds, boundaries are the guardrails to life.  Boundaries and accountability are necessary to raising teens to stick to their values.  It also takes a village.  Learn what you can do to establish boundaries, hold space for accountability, and create a community of influence for your teen.


Give yourself a break.  We all feel like we are messing up.  Discover in this module the reality of where you are in your relationship with your young teen girl, how well you know her, and shedding this idea that you have to be the perfect parent!


Empathy is the bridge to a relationship filled with authenticity and vulnerability.  We need to reflect back on our own story in order to help guide our teens into creating their own.   As we get familiar with our own, learn how you can use it as a tool to help your teen.


There is so much information that bombard us every single minute from social media to peer pressure. This module on influence will help you challenge your teen to dare to be different.  We will be digging deeper on what belonging truly means and why your teen craves it.

You want the best for your daughter. 


You may even want her to avoid the same pain and mistakes you’ve made at her age. Or you just want to understand her better. Whatever the reason, you desire an authentic relationship with her based on love and trust. 

You desire for her to be the woman that embraces and lives out her true identity in confidence and courage.

Rooted is a 6-week virtual program.