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One morning you asked your daughter a simple question and something about her tone made you pause and think, “where did that come from’?  Or maybe it’s the sudden streams of tears from the uncontrollable crying and she doesn’t even know why she’s sad? Or maybe the unbelievable attitude that is coming out of her? 


You may have even thought, “I don’t even know who she is anymore!”.   

You’ve read countless books on parenting and had a few a-ha moments.  But as you set that book down, you feel ill-equipped again to handle the next big thing happening to your teen, and reading yet another book on parenting is just as hard as parenting itself.


This roller coaster of emotions your teen is experiencing has you feeling dizzy. You are starting to feel like you are the only one dealing with the drama your once sweet girl is suddenly creating in your home, and you have no clue how to approach this.


Stricter rules and taking privileges away are not working. They actually make it worse.  And forget about putting your foot down, she might even walk right over it. Ah! 


Maybe it is the lack of a role model growing up that has you feeling lost, or maybe it is not being familiar with the changes happening to your daughter.  


What worked for your mom may not be working for you in raising your teen girl.  Maybe it’s because you want more than just telling her what to do.


You are looking for answers to these questions,

How can I support my daughter when she’s always in her room?  

How can I connect with her in this new teen stage of one-word answers?

What can I expect from her in this phase?

How can I guide her through this awkward stage in life?


The problem is, this is unfamiliar ground to you. There is so much information thrown at you, you don’t know where or how to start.

I help moms of teen girls parent confidently without risking a relationship.


the Raising Her Confidenly program

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine how it would feel to understand who your teen girl is?  Better yet, that she gets that you understand her?


How would life be different if you had a genuine and authentic relationship with your daughter?


Imagine being able to successfully guide your daughter through the teen stage without having to risk your relationship with her.


A researched-based, modular course  - where moms of teen girls are given a 8-week live group coaching and instruction  will offer some in-depth research-based lessons as well as provide resources and practical tools to use and help navigate your girl through this turbulent season.

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Why this program?

This unique program shows you how to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood for you and your teen. Your girl wants to feel loved and that she belongs! 


I sat one day in church listening to a sermon on parenting.   A light bulb clicked as I began listening more intently.  The magic about the teen stage is our role.  


Most moms are stuck in a role their daughter has already outgrown or is shoved prematurely into a friend relationship with their mom.


I love to read, and that’s to your advantage!  I’ve done the work of reading and researching from well-respected psychologists and authors on parenting teens.  I applied them to my parenting and took what has worked and aligned them with my personal beliefs and values toward caring for the mama and teenage girl's heart.  Hence, Raising Her Confidently was born.


I answer the questions:

What is your role as a mom?

What does that look like? 

How can you begin to live it out?


The program was written to intentionally build upon each module so you can make sense out of why, what and how to apply all you are learning.  


I provide simple and applicable tools for you to use now. It allows for everyone in your family to be on the same page.  Most importantly,  you are set up to not be the bad guy in the relationship. You are a mom who genuinely cares for your daughter, and she will know that. She will know she was loved and that she felt like she belonged.


This may be contrary to most parenting advice, but I care more about the heart of the mom-daughter relationship and her character development over rules and authority.  Yes, there are exercises that help you with establishing important boundaries in the program. But the value comes in helping you create genuine and authentic relationships through these 8 modules centered around thought-provoking exercises and easy to use tools that create results.

You will shift your role as a mom, identify your values, and create necessary boundaries while building a genuine, authentic relationship with your daughter.  She will feel loved and that she belongs.

It’s time to stop trying to figure out your girl on your own and get frustrated in the process.  It’s time to jump in and discover your role as a mom in this stage of life so you can stop feeling helpless and move towards hope as you move forward in a genuine and authentic relationship with your daughter.  


The teen years may feel like it lasts forever, but in reality, it all moves at a blink of an eye.   Teens need to feel loved and feel belonging.  What kind of relationship do you see having with her as she grows into an adult?


Hi, I'm Jeannie

Avid reader, mom of 3 teenagers, health fanatic, seeking to live a wholehearted life by giving up perfectionism and embracing vulnerability, oh and I value relationships over rules (that’s saying a lot coming from an enneagram 3!)

I grew up a Catholic school girl who’s first boyfriend was a gang member and now lives in the suburbs of San Diego with my handsome husband (who is not the said gang member) and 3 amazing teenagers.  I also mentor youth girls in my church's student ministries.  


I must say parenting has been a roller coaster ride of twists and turns and unpredictable dips that can throw us off our feet.


I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have many passions; coffee being a high priority. I love unleashing my inner creativity through various creative outlets.  My passion for healthy families as a former educator and as a homeschooling family for several years, and my zeal to impact young teen girls has led me to partner with moms and guide them to create healthy relationships with their teens.  


I am passionate about serving people to be their best and helping young teen girls thrive in their true identity. 

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