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One morning you asked your daughter a simple question and something about her tone made you pause and think, “where did that come from’?  Or maybe it’s the sudden streams of tears from the uncontrollable crying and she doesn’t even know why she’s sad? Or maybe the unbelievable attitude that is coming out of her? 


You may have even thought, “I don’t even know who she is anymore!”.   

You’ve read countless books on parenting and had a few a-ha moments.  But as you set that book down, you feel ill-equipped again to handle the next big thing happening to your teen, and reading yet another book on parenting is just as hard as parenting itself.


This roller coaster of emotions your teen is experiencing has you feeling dizzy. You are starting to feel like you are the only one dealing with the drama your once sweet girl is suddenly creating in your home, and you have no clue how to approach this.


Stricter rules and taking privileges away are not working. They actually make it worse.  And forget about putting your foot down, she might even walk right over it. Ah! 


Maybe it is the lack of a role model growing up that has you feeling lost, or maybe it is not being familiar with the changes happening to your daughter.  


What worked for your mom may not be working for you in raising your teen girl.  Maybe it’s because you want more than just telling her what to do.


You are looking for answers to these questions,

How can I support my daughter when she’s always in her room?  

How can I connect with her in this new teen stage of one-word answers?

What can I expect from her in this phase?

How can I guide her through this awkward stage in life?


The problem is, this is unfamiliar ground to you. There is so much information thrown at you, you don’t know where or how to start.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine how it would feel to understand who your teen girl is?  Better yet, that she gets that you understand her?


How would life be different if you had a genuine and authentic relationship with your daughter? Imagine being able to successfully guide your daughter through the teen stage without having to risk your relationship with her.


the Raising Her Confidently program

This comprehensive course takes all 8 modules from our original ROOTED program with an in-person focused, small group of moms who desire to learn together in community about themselves, their teen girls, and family values.   With the ROOTED live intensive, you will have an opportunity to grow, reflect and engage in a safe space created for learning and transformation.  If you’re a mom or mentor of tween and teen girls, the in-depth research-based content full of resources and tools will help you confidently guide your girls through the adolescent years.    


ROOTED live intensives will be offered 1-2 times a year for small focused groups who desire to intensify their learning in a safe space.  We also offer alternative on demand learning for the busy moms who desire to learn on the go or at their own schedule in order to make the same resources and tools available to every mom who are in the teen season. Check out the ROOTED program at here.

So if you are a mom or mentor of tween/teen girls looking to


  • Understand what makes her feel loved and belonging

  • Desire a genuine and authentic relationship with her

  • Need a community of moms in the same season as you are who get it.


Then ROOTED Live is CREATED for you!

Next Intensive:


May 13-15th

Harvest Collective

Bonita, CA 

(Registration is now closed)

This 3-day Intensive Course Includes:

  • Personal development through a focused, small group setting.

  • Topics focused on areas that impact relationships during the season of parenting tween/teen girls self-reflection, influence, communication,  values, accountability and community-building.

  • Teaching led by Jeannie Baldomero, creator of the ROOTED program.

  • Workbook and printed materials containing resources and tools you can take home with you and apply ASAP!

  • Hands-on training on establishing healthy communication and conversations, setting boundaries, discovering your core values.

  • Networking with other moms who are in the same season.

  • Guest speaker sharing her wisdom and insight on raising girls through adolescence and maintaining a great relationship.

  • Charcuterie & dessert on day 1, continental breakfast on days 2 and 3, and catered lunch on day 2.  


Day 1 |

3:00PM - 6:00PM: Welcome, Modules 1 & 2


Day 2 | 

8:30AM - 2:30PM:  Breakfast, Modules 3 & 4, Lunch, Module 5


Day 3 |

8:30AM - NOON:  Breakfast, Modules 6 & 7



“I immediately experienced the positive impact taking this course had on my outlook with raising a teen, but more importantly, my overall relationship with my daughter. Not only did it provided me practical tools to grow and learn how to be the mom my daughter needs at this crucial season in her life, the course and group setting also provided a safe space for me to share and be encouraged along with other moms that are in the same phase of life. I loved all the resources provided, and open conversations throughout! This course opened my eyes and heart to learning and understanding how to approach current challenges, while enjoying precious time I have with my teen.  I want the best for my daughter and desire to be the best for her. Now more than ever, I feel equipped to navigate all that is ahead! I am so grateful that I joined and completed the Rooted course!"



“The Rooted Intensive was a true answer to prayer. As we transition in our home from young elementary aged daughters to tweens, I became keenly aware that I needed to shift in the way that I was parenting my girls. That said, I wasn't sure what I needed or what I was hoping to gain from the course, I just knew I needed help!

Learning how to listen to understand our children's wants and needs is the foundation on which our relationships have grown with our children. It's been wonderful to hear insight from Jeannie on how to create open communication with my girls, not only as a parent but also as their coach in learning to navigate this crazy world. It's become very clear to me that working as a family to outline our core values and establish household expectations in upholding these values is key to our girls safety and security in this world.



“Since ROOTED I have been slowly working to implement the tools I learned by taking more of a coaching role with my daughter and improving how I communicate with her. 


And best of all, it’s actually a bit freeing to release some of the responsibilities to her such as coordinating her own scheduling of her events and appointments.

Only regret is not doing it sooner! Thanks to ROOTED and God’s love, even though I’m still a work in progress, I’ve set a solid foundation for my relationship with my daughter that will only strengthen with time. Thank you so much for this study and the opportunity to grow and learn along other Mom’s in this process.”

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